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Cubert Badbone P.I. Cubert Badbone P.I.
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: Deidra Kiai Productions
"A mystery is happening on Ekrat Island. Humans have disappeared, and there is only one left. There is only one man... sorry, duck... capable of solving this mystery. So put on your detective hat, and help out Cubert Badbone P.I."
Cult Cult
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Crystal Trophy
"A mysterious cult known as \'Cult Of The Stars\' have barricaded themselves into a villa, along with some weapons. It\'s up to YOU to negotiate a peaceful solution with them."
Cult II Cult II
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Crystal Trophy
"Zack Bon is back, and ready for his next case. This time, he has to gather evidence against Nathan West - a powerful man who is suspected of being involved with an underground militia. Will Zack succeed in this dangerous mission?"
Da New Guys Da New Guys
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: IceBox Games
"The Brain, Simon and Defender, wrestlers on a mission, a mission for justice, well that and of course wrestling! Join the guys in Da New Guys Let\'s get ready to rumble!"
Damsel: Chapter 1 - Stress On The Tress Damsel: Chapter 1 - Stress On The Tress
Rating : [3]
Producers: Strange Visitor
"Wow! Talk about a Damsel In Distress! The princess is kidnapped, and held captive in a tall tower. She awaits desperately for a handsome stranger to rescue her. But when all attempts fail, then princess must take matters into her own hands."
Dirty Split Dirty Split
Rating : [4]
Producers: Dreamagination Entertainment
"A successful plastic surgeon has been murdered. The police have the murderer... or so they think. You have been hired to investigate the case, and find the true killer. But what secrets will you unearth, in your search for the truth?"
Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor
Rating : [4.9]
Producers: Ape Marina
"Help Donald solve the haunting mystery of Barker Manor, and become the best Ghostbuster in the world! "
Downfall Downfall
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Remigiusz 'Grim' Michalski
"Joe Davis is trapped in a nightmare world of unimaginable horror, as he desperately searches the Quiet Haven Hotel, looking for his missing wife, Ivy. Will he find her? Or will he find ultimate doom?"
Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine
Rating : [4]
Producers: PPA Entertainment
"With his time machine nearing completion , Dr. Lutz stands to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of all time: what REALLY happened to the dinosaurs?"
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back
Rating : [3.9]
Producers: ScummVM
"What do you do when your girlfriend is kidnapped by a vampire. John Hacker asks himself that, when he arrives in Transelvania. He vows to save his sweetheart, and put an end to Drascula\'s reign of terror once and for all."
Duty And Beyond Duty And Beyond
Rating : [4.4]
Producers: Wandering Adventures
"Piet is a pizza delivery boy. However, on this particular delivery, there is no-one at home to collect the pizza. Piet is determined to do his Duty And Beyond. He wants to find the owner of the house, and deliver his pizza. And so the peril begins..."
Duzz Quest Duzz Quest
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: WinterMute Studios
"Duzz is on a Quest to rescue his friend Bampton, who has been kidnapped. But who exactly would want to kidnap poor Bampton? And why? Duzz soon finds himself in an adventure that is out of this world."
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