Cubert Badbone P.I. Cubert Badbone P.I.
Made by: Deidra Kiai Productions
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Intriguing story
Great jazz tunes
Witty dialogue
Some easy puzzles

Its time to solve a mystery, what kind of mystery you might be asking? Well let’s just say that it is a mystery that threatens the very existence and livelihood of Ekrat Island! Its time to step into the shoes, or rather the detective shoes, of our hero Cubert Badbone, the one and only.  With his investigate skills, his witty lines, and of course his stylish detective hat, if there is one creature that can solve a mystery it's this guy. In Cubert Badbone P.I, you are tasked with a puzzling case, which will lead you across the island to different locations that will test your adventuring skills. With an intriguing story, some great jazz tunes to listen to along the way, and some funny dialogue, you get all this and much more in this little detective game.

The story of this game starts off with a human who enters Cuberts office. Apparently the humans are disappearing from the island, all her friends have disappeared and she is the only one left on the island. However, Cubert ends up telling her that he would like to help, but he is far too busy to look for the humans. Despite pleas of help, Babs leaves the office and is soon abducted by a masked figure. With the urging from his secretary who convinces Cubert that if the humans are in fact missing, it will harm the tourist industry! So Cubert decides to tackle this mystery and discover where have all the humans disappeared to.

So starts the adventure of Cubert, and soon you will be exploring the island checking out the sights, gathering some items, and oh yeah, solving a mystery all at the same time. Graphically the game looks really nice. Yes it does use a black and white style, but it gives the game a more noir feeling, and the sort of old style detective mystery that you may remember or have seen on television or movies from back in the day. It just fits with the way the story proceeds and just looks all around quite nice. The story itself, while it may seem quite simple, is quite intriguing. As you discover more and more of what happens, you are soon drawn into some new developments that may surprise you.  The whole game is written very nicely and effectively.

The music fits nicely with the whole style of the game as well. It has some really nice jazz tunes that play from scene to scene.  It all sounds quite lovely to hear, and does not distract from the game. The tunes themselves are not that long before they will loop, but nevertheless I thought they were quite nice and just added to the whole feel of the game.

The dialogue and overall writing of the game is quite humorous. From Cubert, to the different characters you encounter on your travels, each one has something interesting to say.  Most of the time you may end up getting a chuckle or two from what they have to tell you, it’s quite funny.

The game itself could be considered fairly short, but I found it to be a sizeable adventure that should take you some time, some of the puzzles in the game found were a tad too easy, but in most cases some will make you really ponder what you have to do next and at the same time are not so obscure that you will be wondering what you have to do next.

Nevertheless, this was a very enjoyable adventure game and highly recommend it to any adventure fan looking for a funny and all around well developed game, so check out Cubert Badbone P.I and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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