Nice graphic style
Good length of adventure
2 different endings
Puzzles not too difficult

So now you must go forth as you take on the roles of the Brain, Simon and Defender, 3 Wrestlers from England who have come to the U.S to what else, wrestle of course. But there are other sinister things going on that will affect the events in their lives in Da New Guys. This adventure title is really well done overall, with stylish graphics, a good length for the actual adventure, 2 different endings and some nifty extras that you can get for this title, make it a worth adventure title worth your time.

The game stars our 3 wrestlers, Brain the puny guy who thinks he's tough, Simon the big bulky strong man, and Defender the guy with his costume in check; together they are known as the Da New guys. The day begins simple enough as they head to the arena to compete, when things change in a hurry. The team soon finds out they were supposed to compete in a 3 on 3 tag team match that will instead be a 3 on 2 match with Brain having to compete in singles competition, against a new competitor called Smiley Joe. After it's all said and done, they discover from the manager that he is breaking the group up and they are being kicked out of their home to boot. So, the 3 decide to go forth and stop all this from taking place.

Graphics in the game have been done with a nice style, different but it looks good overall, the environments have a nice look, as do the characters that you encounter during your travels. You also are not stuck just playing with one character; you get to play as all 3 during the adventure and later on as all 3 at once! The actual length of the game is divided into 4 chapters; it's a good length for the adventure. As well you can actually choose which chapter to start off, which I found to be interesting as that was most unexpected, although like most going from beginning to end is the best course of action.

Music in the game has been borrowed from a number of different sources, you may recognize them from some older adventure games like the LucasArts series for example I'll leave it to you to see if you can recognize them. Nice to see as sort of a tribute to the old adventure games of old. There are also some interesting things to see with this title. First, there are 2 different endings you can get, so that's a nifty feature to get you playing again. As well you can head to the main site, to download a speech pack, yes indeed I played with the speech pack and found the game's voices were pretty good, not the best but they weren't too bad either, it's pretty cool that the developer decided to do this. Not really too many downsides to the game, except some of the puzzles I found were pretty easy but that wasn't such a problem, there are a few thinkers to keep you on your toes.

If your looking for an adventure game to keep you entertained, this one should do the trick and I recommend getting the speech pack as it will make the game that much more enjoyable and entertaining, so check this one out and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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