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Maniac Mansion Deluxe Maniac Mansion Deluxe
Rating : [4.6]
Producers: LucasFan Games
"Do you like cheese? So does Weird Ed! Help him save his father, your girlfriend, and the world in this wacky remake of LucasArt\'s classic game!"
Mental Repairs Mental Repairs
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Hulub
"Henrik Liaw is a \'machine psychiatrist\'. Help him fix all the machines, as he enters their psyche and struggles to sort out their problems. After all, machines need love too!"
Merry Christmas, Alfred Robbins Merry Christmas, Alfred Robbins
Rating : [4]
Producers: Abe 'Hillbilly' Kaxrud
"Help Alfred Robbins make this a Christmas to remember for his family."
Mind's Eye Mind's Eye
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens
"As medication clouds your mind, only accenting the questions begging in your brain, can you find the answer to the mystery?"
Mourir en Mer Mourir en Mer
Rating : [3.6]
Producers: Digital Mind Studio
"A dying kid's last wish, to die by the sea, takes you on a special journey in Mourir en Mer."
Murder In A Wheel Murder In A Wheel
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Hulub
"One murder. One victem. The loss of a beloved family pet is felt throughout the Blackwin household. But who DID commit Murder In A Wheel?"
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Alasdair 'Ali' Beckett
"Nelly's peaceful pirate life is thrown into chaos when she comes face-to-face with the deceased Captain Blackbeard. The good Captain wants her to find the missing Spoonbeak birds. She agrees to this, so it's Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!"
New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The
Rating : [3.7]
Producers: LucasFan Games
"Welcome back, Zak! Those crazy kids are up to their old tricks again... Pick up right where you left off in LucasArt's classic with this excellent tribute by LucasFan games."
Next Curse, The Next Curse, The
Rating : [4]
Producers: LongLife Software
"Bill goes on a journey to find his lost friend who was searching for his lost grandpa. Can you find them both and solve this mystery of sorts. Who knows what else you will find on this intriguing island"
Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Pinhead Games
"As a corpse shows up on your doorstep, you're thrown head first into a good old fashioned murder mystery. Find out what really happened, as you take on the role of Nick Bounty in this award-winning game."
Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: Pinhead Games
"Join Nick Bounty in his 2nd case on the job to search for a missing Goat, and to discover more behind this infamous statue."
No Action Jackson No Action Jackson
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Britton O' Toole
"Can you help Jackson make it to his game with his friends. Find out by giving No Action Jackson a spin!"
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