Mourir en Mer Mourir en Mer
Made by: Digital Mind Studio
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Interesting story
Average graphics
No sound
Short game

Sometimes we see with certain adventure games, a certain message or a deep meaning can become attached to the story of the game. Few games are able to achieve it and sometimes it is not always easy to express. In this case however, we see a game that manages to accomplish it through its short story and game play but still provides an interesting experience for adventure gamers out there. 

The game stars our main character who is a sick boy, on his last days. He knows he is dying slowly and he wishes to do one thing before he dies: to see the sea, since he has never seen it before in all his life. Touching, is it not? However, unfortunately for our main character, his father keeps him locked up in their attic ever since his mother died because of the illness the boy has, and will not let him out. So now you must escape and fulfil his goal.

Although the game story may seem simple, things start right away with the escape you must try to do. Now you may wonder: "Oh typical adventure game cliché trying to escape a room where you're trapped, yawn". What makes this escape different from other games is that the father of the main character comes to check up on his son every now and then and the father comes up to the attic more than once. Therefore, while you're trying to escape you may end up being caught, or if something is out of place that might hurt your chances. It's very interesting to see this sort of premise being used and certainly makes the player think more about their actions. Graphic wise in the game is average, nothing fancy or special about them but they do not take away from the game.

The game does suffer a bit from no sound or music at all, which was disappointing to hear, since it would have really enhanced the game if the game had these elements present. Also, the game length is quite short and it should not take you that long to beat it, but you may be trying for a bit especially with the escape part.

Still this game should present you with some interesting challenges and concepts that you can see and it was enjoyable to play while it lasted, so if you're looking for another title to pick up, give this one a try.

Note: The game starts off in French. After you install the game, navigate to the folder where you installed the game, the default is c:\program files\games\mourir en mer, and double click the winsetup icon. Make sure that under â??language' the option â??English translation' is selected, then save and run the game. You will have to do this every time you restart the game, unless you can read French. ;)

Review by: DeathDude

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