Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens personal photo Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens
Age: 46 years
Nationality: American
Whereabouts: Arizona, USA
Social status: Writer/Programmer
Companies: None
-Worked on the title replica watches shop Mind's Eye.
-The game won jewelry importer Best Character Art 2005
Best Animation 2005 in this years replica rolex datejust watches AGS Awards.

Mind's Eye Mind's Eye
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Shane "ProgZmax" Stevens
"As medication clouds your mind, only accenting the questions begging in your brain, can you find the answer to the mystery?"
Reactor 09 Reactor 09
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Origamihero
"Clyde is a prisoner, yet still wishes he may be a free man. Things change, when on a rountine trip to get more cleaning supplies, the prison is hit with a massive earthquake and then silence. Find out what happened in Reactor 09"

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