Duty And Beyond Duty And Beyond
Made by: Wandering Adventures
Website: http://new.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=de...
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Intriguing story
Different look for an AGS game
Quite lengthy
Very low resolution (320x200)

It was just supposed to be a normal delivery for Piet. A pizza delivery, that is. However, when he got to the place, there was no answer at the door. Now who would order a pizza and not answer the door? Suspecting that this was something more than a prank call, Piet does some investigating and soon discovers that he is about to go on a journey to find the owner of the house and deliver the pizza! That, and to encounter different events along the way too. While the story may sound simple, Duty and Beyond is a very engaging game which draws you into the plot and everything surrounding it as well. What you get is a lengthy game that will take you time to beat, with some great animations and sound. Duty and Beyond is an entertaining game with a different sort of look to most AGS titles you may have played, but it's interesting to look at and makes a pleasant change.

As the story starts out, Piet (our pizza delivery guy) is traveling to deliver a pizza to an anxious customer. When he arrives he finds out that no one is home, but there's a note from the owner telling him to find him and to use the clues scattered around, so Piet becomes involved in a quest, whether he wants to or not, since he wants to deliver this pizza and get paid for it.

Graphically, Duty and Beyond may not look spectacular but it uses a completely different graphic style to most games built on the AGS engine. While the playing area is small, as are the different sprites and the environments, it is still intriguing to see. The story itself may seem quite simple, but it changes very quickly with the events that occur. I won't tell you what happens, but be prepared for some nice surprises along the way that really change things around and make you wonder what is really going on. Piet's animations are also done very nicely in this game - even with the small sprites, it is nice to see in action. Sound effects and music are also done well, although the music tends to repeat in certain areas, and while it fits with the game's theme, it may begin to get on your nerves after a while spent playing. D&B is also quite lengthy, and it will take you a fair amount of time to beat it; if you're looking for a long adventure game to take your time away, this one does the trick nicely.

Other than the small screen size, which you will either love or hate, Duty and Beyond will take some time to get used to, but it hopefully won't take you too long. Nevertheless, this is a different sort of adventure game and if you're a fan of the genre, I definitely recommend you check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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Safe for all ages
100 MHz processor,
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