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Made by: Remigiusz 'Grim' Michalski
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Wonderful, creepy atmosphere
Amazing sound effects & creepy
Sinistar, scary graphics
Some unfixable bugs
Some spelling and grammar erro


PLEASE NOTE: This is a horror game which contains adult themes, strong language and violence. It is not suitable for those under the age of 18, and those of a sensitive nature!


While on holiday, Joe and Ivy Davis are caught out in a raging storm. It's impossible to continue driving in such conditions, so they decide to seek shelter for the night. And when they find the Quiet Haven Hotel, it seems perfect. They park out front, and enter the quaint-looking hotel. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse, when Ivy start acting... strangely. And this isn't the first time it's happened! Poor Ivy suffers from hallucinations! Joe tries to be sympathetic and supportive, but he's having a hard time coping with her frequent outbursts, and it's putting a great strain on their marriage. So with the pouring rain and crashing thunder showing no signs of letting up, Joe decides to book a room for them tonight, and look for a doctor to help Ivy in the morning.

Unfortunately, things continue to deteriate the next morning, when Joe wakes up to find Ivy has already gone down to breakfast. But when he makes his way down to the hotel restaurant, his wife is nowhere to be found. She is missing! And to make even matters worse, Joe finds that the hotel has transformed into a nightmarish version of itself, trapping Joe in a living hell. And as he desperately searches for his missing wife, things in the hotel become more and more sinister, and more and more surreal. Hotel guests with dark, eerie secrets... blood-spattered rooms... it seems as though the hotel itself is alive! Joe must delve into the heart of this torment, and try and make sense of the madness surrounding him, if he has any hope of finding Ivy again, before it's too late!



Downfall used to be a commercial game, but this version has now been made freeware, due to some bugs that cannot be fixed (see section below). It is currently being remade and upgraded, and while the new version will be commercial, this version remains freeware.


Downfall is a dark and eerie horror adventure game, full of gore, and twists, and turns. It will grab you as soon as you start playing, and won't let go until the bitter end. Remigiusz Michalski, who created this game, was working the nightshift in a mental institute at the time, and the game truly reflects the horrors he has seen.

The game itself is mouse-controlled, so it is very easy to interact with the game world - simply left-click to interact with a person\object, or right-click to examine a person\object. Inventory bar is shown at top of the screen (scroll your mouse up there), and you can scroll through your inventory items by clicking on the left or right arrow. Saving, Loading, and Quitting the game is shown on the right of the screen. Dialogue choices are shown at bottom of the screen, and you can select what you want Joe to say, by clicking on the relevant choice. When characters are talking, their speech is shown above that person, and each character has a different colour, so you know who is talking.

You CAN die in this game, so I recommend you Save often. Another reason to Save often, is because of the bugs (again, see section below) that can occasionally make the game crash. There are also some spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes (probably due to the game being translated into English), but please don't let these errors put you off. This is a truly fantastic game, that deserves to be enjoyed.

Something I really love about Downfall, are the choices. Several times throughout the game, you are faced with Choice A, or Choice B. And while most of the time, the choice could be something simple, for example, what colour liquid chemical to take... a couple of times, there are major choices that affect the gameplay and puzzles. I won't tell you what those choices are... I won't spoil it for you, I'll let you discover them for yourself. But Save often, so at the end of the game, you can go back, and try the other choices. And as well as choices throughout the game, there's also multiple endings! The game creator has really spoiled us on this front!



Please Save often, as there are several bugs in this version of the game. Please don't let these issues put you off - it truly is a fantastic game.

1. Sometimes, inventory items become 'frozen', and you cannot use them. To rectify this, click on the left or right Inventory arrow, and your items will become useable again. If that doesn't work, try reloading your last Saved game, then click on the left or right inventory arrow. Your inventory list will become useable again.

2. Sometimes, when you try to go to the screen with Waxworks museum (and a few other screens later in the game), the game may crash. Simply start the game again, and Load from you last saved point.

3. There are some minor spelling mistakes are grammar mistakes scattered throughout the game, probably due to it being translated into English. While this is not game-stopping, I should mention them here anyway.



The graphics in Downfall if amazing! The hand-painted, surreal style gives it a nightmarish look, which will chill you to the bone. Some rooms are full of strong bright colours, while other rooms are angry and tormented, while others still are barely more than greyscale emphasising red blood. Even paintings on the wall are as twisted and disturbing as the backgrounds themselves. Remigiusz's talent clearly shines through, every where you look.

As I said earlier, your inventory items are shown at top of the screen - each item is shown as an icon, and you can click on the left or right arrows to scroll though your inventory and easily see what you are carrying. As you step outside, the rain pouring down is very effective, and I feel cold and shivery just looking at it! The mirror in the Twilight Lounge on the First Floor is VERY creepy! It gradually cracks more and more as the game progresses, indicating the impeding doom that will soon explode.



Music in Downfall is subtle and sinister. It's not overbearing, so it doesn't interfere with the game. But it provides a very spooky atmosphere, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, the music is not constant - it stops after a while, and then starts again. But when it plays, it's so beautifully haunting, you might find yourself just listening to it, and enjoying it.

Sound effects are very impressive! Everything from the ticking of the clock in Reception, to knocking on a door, to footsteps as Joe walks, to the breaking glass in the shop window. A lot of attention of detail has been given. But my favourite definitely has to be the sound of the pouring rain outside. BRRRR!

At end of the game, during closing credits, Remigiusz (the creator) sings an original song, titled "Thousand Shades Of Red", which is a pleasure to hear... so full of sadness and heartbreak, it really tugs at your heartstrings. Remigiusz himself has a lovely voice, and it's a fitting end to such an emotional game.



In a nutshell, I loved Downfall! I must stress again, the adult themes, strong language, and violence make it unsuitable for those under 18, or those of a sensitive nature. But the story about Joe and Ivy Davies is told VERY well, and will leave you pondering over it, long after you finish the game. Kudos to Remigiusz Michalski for being brave enough to deal with issues not normally seen in adventure games. Since the game is controlled by the mouse, it's very easy to use, and you'll find yourself sucked right in to Joe's world. The choices given to you throughout the game add replayability value, as you'll want to play again, to find out what happens when you pick the OTHER choice. There are some bugs which pop up occasionally, but they are easy to work around, and will not spoil your enjoyment of the game. Hand-painted graphics are twisted, disturbing, depressing, nightmarish... and gorgeous! Music is equally gorgeous, setting a very spooky atmosphere. Sound effects such as footsteps as he walks, ticking of the clock, and rain and thunder outside have been used to great effect. And the ending song, written and performed by Remigiusz Michalski himself, is truly wonderful to hear.

A Must-Play, for all horror adventure fans!

Review by: Frodo

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