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Awesome music
Lots of humour
Puzzles are not very taxing
A lot of \'private\' jokes

Duzz Quest is a little-known adventure game starring... you guessed it... Duzz!!!  The whole thing began as a 'Test Game' back in 2004, when Duzz first discovered a programme called Adventure Game Studio, and started playing around with it.  He used a photo of his backyard, and realised that he could make the default 'Roger' character walk around in it.  Duzz liked what he saw, and so he kept adding more and more things.  Gradually, a plot formed, puzzles were added, and Duzz Quest was born. 

So what is Duzz Quest all about?  Well, your future self has warned you in a dream that Bampton (your friend) has been kidnapped by alien zombies, and you have to find a way to rescue him.  But that was just a dream, right?  So why, after you wake up, does your sister tell you about strange lights above Bampton's house?  Maybe Bampton really WAS kidnapped.  Maybe you should go and check on him to make sure if he is okay.  If only you could get out of your house...


Duzz Quest is controlled entirely by the mouse, and uses a point-and-click interface.  Simply click on an area on screen to make Duzz walk there.  There are icons at top of screen (move your mouse up there to see them) for Walk, Look, Use, or Talk.  Click on Suitcase to see what inventory items you are carrying.  Your inventory is represented by little pictures, which are interesting to see.  You can also choose to Save, Restore, or Quit the game if you want. 

There is a lot of humour is this game, which I loved.  The events in your dream sets the whole game up nicely.  Unfortunately, Duzz (the creator) forgot about his 'Points System' half way through the game, so it seems as if you are not gaining any more points and not getting anywhere.  But don't worry, your points will increase greatly at the end.  There are a lot of personal references in the game that only Duzz and his friends will fully understand.  On the other hand, the rest of us gamers can still laugh at what the gang get up to.  I don't want to spoil things for you by giving examples.  You'll just have to play it for yourself! 

There is one action scene, where you have to beat a friend at Fifa 2004 on his computer.  Don’t' worry - it's not a full game of football - it's just a quick 'Who Can Score More Goals In One Minute' type of thing.  You can play this football game if you wish, or you can easily bypass it by pressing 'C'. 


Most of the backgrounds used in Duzz Quest are real photos that Duzz has put into the Adventure Games Studios programme.  He has then taken photos of himself and his friends, and pasted them onto the backgrounds.  Some of the backgrounds have been hand-drawn, and have a very different 'cartoony' feel to them.  When a character is talking, you will see a close-up photo of their head and shoulders, and their head will move, to show that they are talking.  The whole combination makes for a very interesting experience.  Oh, and watch out for Alan in Stickman form (hehe)... 


The music used in Duzz Quest is amazing.  You will hear real songs, performed by The Midnight Express (I think this is Duzz's band), and I loved listening to them.  The style is kinda melodic rock, and there is a good selection of songs to hear.  Each song lasts a good few minutes, and when that finishes, it goes onto the next song.  There is also a Voice Pack available on Duzz's site, and I recommend you download it, so you can enjoy the game with full speech.  The Voice Pack is nearly 15 MB, but it adds a lot of enjoyment to the game.  Simply add it to the Duzz Quest folder.  It is interesting hearing the voices of Duzz and his friends. 


Puzzles are very quirky at times, but they are not very taxing.  You find yourself picking up some very strange items (Pot Noodle must be one of the strangest!),  but it becomes obvious where and when to use each item.  Sometimes when you are given a task, for example 'Find Item X For Person Y', they will reward you by giving you another item.  But if you talk to them again, they just repeat what they said before, as if they hadn't received the item they required.  However, this does not stop you from completing the game. 


Duzz Quest is a quirky game that will bring a smile to your face.  It started life as a 'Test Game', then gradually became the fully fledged adventure game that you see today.  The game is full of humour, and you will enjoy seeing what happens to Duzz next.  The voice pack (if required) must be downloaded separately, and then added into Duzz Quest folder.  The whole idea of Bampton getting kidnapped by alien zombies is hilarious.  It's a pity that Duzz forgot about the Points System half way through, but it's understandable, as he was still learning AGS then.  There are a lot of references that you won't fully understand, but you will still find the situations amusing.  I wasn't keen on the football game, but that is easily bypassed by pressing 'C'.  It is mouse controlled, so it is easy to play, and icons for Save \\ Load etc are fun to see.  The music is just awesome, and the various combination of graphics make the whole game lots of fun to play. 

Review by: Frodo

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