Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin
Made by: Bruno R. Marcos
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Easy to pickup and play
Star Wars music and sound
So-so graphics
High difficulty

Ah, once again if you're a star wars fan, there's the famous battle from Episode 4. You know the one, where Luke and the Rebel Alliance attack the Death Star. Well, if you have never seen Star Wars before, this is probably one of the most famous battles in that series, at least I think so and in this title we can see the developer has pulled off a great effort.

I've already detailed you most of the premise behind this game. The Rebel Alliance is trying to stop the Death Star, which is closing in on their location and plans to destroy the planet where they have been hiding. So now you can enter Luke Skywalker's shoes and fly your x-wing along with your squad mates to destroy this massive structure and bring peace to the galaxy once again.

The game is very easy to pick up and start playing. There is not a whole lot to memorize with the controls and soon you'll be blasting those ties who dare mess with you. The view is again taken to a first person perspective similar to games like wing commander. It's a good view in my opinion, although occasionally when enemies are behind you it's hard to see how they outmanoeuvred you. Still it's effective for the game, I thought. The Star Wars music and sound effects are used in game and that is very important for it to really feel like a Star Wars game, so you'll recognize the music and feel the familiarity of the laser sounds once you play. Very awesome.

Graphically the game looks okay at best; the ships aren't massively detailed, but it's really not really much of an issue. Although I have to say the tie fighters ships actually look pretty good compared to the x-wing fighters.

If you wanted to play the Battle of Yavin then you'll enjoy this game across 6 levels before you finally make the famous trench run. Definitely you should check it out. And even if your not a star wars fan this should entertain you with it's action aplenty.

Review by: DeathDude

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Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
(DirectX 8.1, 3D Graphics Card)
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