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Made by: Jason Boettcher
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Fun weapons
Buggy respawning
Prone to crashing

Liero Xtreme is a real-time action game based on the popular Worms franchise.  Liero Xtreme borrows the basic concept of Worms, but changes the gameplay around a bit.  In Liero Xtreme, you control one unit (not necessarily a worm) who carries five weapons at a time.  Because you are limited to one unit, Liero Xtreme is free to have you play a real time deathmatch against the computer or friends.  The object of Liero Xtreme is to kill as many enemies as you can without being killed yourself.

Liero Xtreme features an array of weapons that are mostly inspired from many popular console and computer games as old as Space Invaders to more recent ones such as StarCraft.  Games from Asteroids to Zero Wing have some form of representation, and a fair share of unit models are borrowed from different games.  Though a lot of the weapons are too powerful, they are fun to use and feature sound effects often relating to the game they came from.  What weapon do you think could be inspired by Donkey Kong?  Hammers?  Nope.  Fireballs?  No.  Barrels?  Close.  How about throwing Donkey Kong himself at your enemies as he tosses a barrage of barrels around?  Picture some of your favorite games and try to think of what weapons could come from them; you'll be surprised with what the creators of Liero Xtreme managed to come up with.  Some weapons are purely defensive (such as Lolo Eggs), or cause massive destruction (like Game Over).  Each weapon has its own special characteristic, so the only way you'll know what they do is to experiment with them in the field.  The hardest part is starting with 5 weapons that are either really dangerous (Bad SFX) or don't dig through walls (Mega Buster).

Liero Xtreme is customizable; is there a unit model you want, but is not available?  You can make one!  Want to try making a new weapon?  Go ahead!  Getting tired of the same old maps?  Get to work!  The Liero Xtreme community is full of users who make and distribute their own mods for Liero Xtreme users.

The AI in Liero Xtreme is questionable depending on the mods you use; depending on the compatibility of the mod you're using, your opponents will actively fight and prove to be a tough match; if not, they will have five of the same weapons and remain stationary while pumping as much firepower into the map as possible. The real beauty of Liero Xtreme, however, is in the Multiplayer mode.

Is this game better than Worms?  No, but it is a good substitute for it if you don't have Worms.

Review by: Triton

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15,2 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Hot Seat
Age rating:
Excessive blood effects
Safe for ages: 15+
System Requirements:
30 MB Hard Drive Space
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, Mac OS X, Linux
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