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Plays just like Doom
Non-violent, good for kids
Brand new graphics and sounds
Dated graphics
Levels are confusing sometimes
No multiplayer mode

In Chex Quest, evil slime creatures known has Flemoids have attacked your homeworld, and have slimed everyone in their path. To defeat them, you need to return them to their home dimension with your Zorch weapons.

Chex Quest is a first-person shooter that's a total conversion of Episode 1 from Doom. Everything, including all the graphics, sounds, and levels, are brand new.  But the weapons and enemies perform the same way. There's no violence in the game, making the game safe for young children to play.

There are 8 levels, and you must find the exit in each level, fighting flemoids and collecting keycards along the way. You have several different weapons to collect, from the Zorch Blaster to the LaserSpork. There are 5 difficulty levels for everyone from kids to adults, ranging from "Easy Does It" to "Super Slimey".

The levels are fun to adventure through, with lots of enemies to fight and secret areas to discover. The layouts can be confusing and maze-like at times, but you do have an auto-map that can be brought up at any time with the TAB button.

If you enjoyed Doom, and want to share the fun with any children that may be around, then Chex Quest is a very good site. Now instead of digging your hand into a bag of cereal, you can find it right there!

Review by: Bobinator

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