Digital Cafe company logo
Established: 1991
CEO: Dean Hyers
Workers: Dean Hyers, Mike Koenigs
Digital Cafe was created by Dean Hyers and Mike Koenigs in 1991.

The company is best known for it\\\'s Chex Quest games, but also dealt with other \\\'promotional material\\\' including Godzilla Web Presskit for the Godzilla film, Strange Days Movie Presskit, screensavers for the Energizer Bunny and BMW, and a few other things.

The company was bought over in 1998, as a division of Campbell Mithun Esty (an advertising firm), who specialized in programming and design for special-market advertising (promotional games, site design, etc).


Chex Quest Chex Quest
Rating : [4]
Producers: Digital Cafe
"Originally released as a game to promote cerial, Chex Quest has you fighting against the evil Flemoids who have attacked your world, and slimed everything in their path."

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