Babylon 5: I've found her Babylon 5: I've found her
Made by: Space Dream Factory
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Good graphics
Involving story
Overheating weapons
Enemies take too long to die

Babylon 5: I've found her is a freeware game based on Babylon 5 series. I never had the opportunity to see the TV-series so this review will be based mostly on my experiences with the game. Game has a simple interface and is easy to set up. Each mission is accompanied by cut scenes and mission description (sound and text). The models are made very good and according to the series.

Game play is easy and space combat is easy to learn. If you are having problems learning it the developers provided a tutorial where you are trained by experienced pilot. You will have the ability to lead the team of fighters, give commands to them and interact with other pilots.

Graphics are very good and so is the sound which is also "3D". Since there is a story involved you won't get bored on your missions. The game has a few downsides though. The first one is space combat where your weapons overheat quite quickly and the enemy can take quite a lot of beating. Another problem is that they are quite small and your ship is not so manoeuvrable, so it may take some time before you learn how to destroy them fast. Luckily there is usually a squad to help you. You will also be limited with fuel so flying around too much and using afterburners could leave you lost in space. But all these problems have a solution - cheats. You can easily activate them in beginning (unlimited ammo, fuel...).

There are two other major problems. First one is in game play. Sometimes it just happens too fast. For example enemy might swarm your squad. Or you are chasing an enemy while your squad says "let's go home", goes through the jump point while you are trying to catch up with them using your afterburners. Since you are still too slow you get lost in space (I always thought other soldiers are suppose to wait for their leader).
Another one is that game has issues with ATI graphic cards. It was crashing my computer often, especially in tutorial. I found out that some crashing can be reduced by lowering graphics and sounds. Still it's a bit silly that the best selling graphic card is not properly supported.

I give this game a 3. Game might be too hard for beginners (even on easy level) and it has poor graphics card support, and support in general (my problem post hasn't been answered for almost 2 weeks). It also has large game size (around 200MB). However it has good story, very good graphics, very good sound, and good space flight model. So you might want to give it a go, because the game has potential.

Review by: Gregor

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257 MB
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Safe for all ages
Windows® System 98/ME/2000/XP OS
800 MHz or higher CPU
128 MB or more of RAM
3D graphics card supporting OpenGL Approx. 220 MB of available hard drive space
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