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Established: 1998
CEO: Oleg Petrov
Whereabouts: Russia
Workers: Alexey Sirotkin, Andy La Rubin, Sergei Shchavelev, Yogi Löeschner, Yuri Parovin
Every light carries a shadow, they say. And vice versa. When Sierra cancelled "Into the Fire", it was a perfect opportunity to revive my project. It wasn't that easy, though ?? I was still alone. But it has changed few months later, when Alexey "Smasher" Sirotkin offered his help and joined the project as 3D modeler. Then, for the first time in more than a year, I've started to believe in possibility of completion of this project.

Now, there are three of us and we're still open for cooperation. The work continues. We've released a first public demo and now working on next version. We've got a lot of help from different people and I thank them all from the entire IFH Team and from myself personally. Because, in the beginning, it was nothing more than my dream. And now, with the help of many people, that dream comes true.
Written by Oleg Petrov

Babylon 5: I've found her Babylon 5: I've found her
Rating : [3]
Producers: Space Dream Factory
"Time to defend the galaxy once again, as you jump in the cockpit and blast away your enemies in Babylon 5: I've found her"

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