Yves Rizoud personal photo Yves Rizoud
Age: Unknown
Nationality: French
Whereabouts: France
Social status:
Companies: None
Websites: http://vigilante.free.fr/
-I developped for 1 year with only memories of the arcade game, and an emulation of the PC Engine version of Vigilante (the most accurate of all, yet very minimalistic)
-All in all, I tried to keep the feeling of the game that captured my heart; while adding new game possibilities. The visual is as close as can be, the animation is top smooth. Ahh, the sound effects are 80% from the original game, so they're ok, unfortunately I found no fitting soundtrack...

Vigilante Vigilante
Rating : [4.4]
Producers: Yves Rizoud
"Nothing can get in your way, nothing will stop you in your mission, bad guys beware for the fury that is the Vigilante"

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