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Established: 04.01.2002
Whereabouts: Ireland
Workers: N/A
Based in Ireland with team members and contributers from around the world, Team XTC Games is an amateur games development team. Our games are made using DarkBASIC Pro, an easy to use yet powerful programing language which is geared up specifically for game creation. Our flagship game at the moment is Dark Konflict, an rts game which should appeal to all strategy game fans out there cartier replica. The news section is where you can find up to date information on all our projects. I hope you enjoy your visit to the site, enjoy the games and come back soon. :)

Hotcars Hotcars
Rating : [4.1]
Producers: Team XTC Games
"Compete against your opponents as you try to lay claim to the title of racing champ. Try your luck in championship mode, free roaming or against a friend. Experience it all in Hotcars"

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