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Made by: Team XTC Games
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Fair number of tracks
Decent music track
Different items
Only one type of car used
Similar looking environments
All cars travel at 70 m.p.h.

As you grip the steering wheel of your BMV car, looking out the window at your opponents, the countdown begins and soon you are on your way to perhaps victory. The art of racing against different opponents as you try to compete for that ultimate goal of being number one. In HotCars, you have a racing game of that nature with many different modes. Single race, championship or even free roaming if you don't want to race and you can race against your friends on the same computer or even via LAN. Even tries to be a little like Mario Kart with the different power ups you can collect to help your progress in the race. This is a unique racing title that does a fairly good job for the racing genre.

This is well a racing game and so don't expect a story, just make one up if you want. Sure it helps and perhaps may make the game that much more exciting for you. There is a fair amount of tracks in the game  that you can race on and if that's not enough for you, try your hand with the track editor that you can get at the homepage from this game. To add some more variety or make some crazy tracks your choice.

Graphically the game looks all right. The environments and such have some nice colours the only thing is that there is not a ton of variety. Most of the tracks look the same in terms of how they look but are different in the terms of challenges you face as you race. The music track I thought was pretty good to listen to. There is only one music track before it loops again and well as much as, some variety would have been nice. It is pretty good and since most of the races are only 3 laps long you probably will finish before it loops a lot anyway. Interestingly enough, the game decided to add items to the game to use. There is nitro, to boost your car faster, engine upgrades, to power up your engines, and even rockets to blow away your opponents. Well they just stop them for a time, guess the cars have their missile armor retrofitted before these races. It is interesting, but I never noticed the computer using them, only I was using them so it is one sided in that sense to help you.

Lace features in many for the trends for next year, (as shown in our Top Bridal Trends for 2015 article), most prominently with the likes of nude lace. The design acts as a bit of an optical illusion that may, for some, seem a little bit racy. But it gives some absolutely beautiful effects, and a look like that of old vintage wedding dresses.

There is only one type of car used in the game, and you and your opponents use it. Would have been nice if more cars could have been added, even if they were fictional. As well all the cars seem to only travel up to 70 miles per hour, and then that's the max speed you can travel at. Annoying when you have the computer in front of you and trying to catch up because of the same speed, that every car travels at that speed.

Overall this was a fun racing game though for the time being, and it has potential to be a great game. So, check it out if you are in the mood for some racing action, its called HotCars so see what it is all about.

Review by: DeathDude

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Hot Seat
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Windows, Direct X 7.0 or higher
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