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Established: Unknown
CEO: FredFredrickson
Workers: FredFredrickson
Taken from their site:

Reflect Games is a small team of game developers dedicated to bringing you some of the best games on the internet. Building on a solid foundation of exceptional artwork, audio engineering, and progamming, while utilizing the power of the Reflect Account System, our games offer many unique challenges and experiences. Check out our lineup of games, or read more about our team.

Aces High Over Verlor Island Aces High Over Verlor Island
Your rating: [2.8  (3371 votes)
Our rating: [4.2]
Producers: Reflect Games
"Test your piloting replicas breitlingskills as you try to pop balloons, go against 5 other planes to see who\'s plane will last longest, or just stay alive as long as you can."

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