Aces High Over Verlor Island Aces High Over Verlor Island
Made by: Reflect Games
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Three different modes
Easy controls
Only one map

The first thing I thought about when I saw this game was Aces High by Iron Maiden.  Obviously that is cliché, especially for me, but hey Aces High is a great song by Iron Maiden.  Yeah well, unless you are a fan of the band and know the song, then you will understand what I mean. In addition, the theme about combat over the skies, like the song, is here in this game.  But there is of course much more to do. You can pop balloons, engage in dog fighting against other planes, try survival mode to see how long you can stay alive and finally play online with up to seven people.  There is a fair amount to do in this 3D Flight Simulation game.

There is no story mode in this particular game.  You have your choice of playing the tutorial mode, which I suggest you do try, to learn the different movements your plane can do as it flies. Plus you have single player and multiplayer mode.  Note for multiplayer though you will have to get an account with Reflect Games before you are able to play multiplayer and submit scores online. It is free to do so and not a big hassle, but it is your choice if you wish to do so or not. In single player mode, you have your choice of three different modes. Balloon burst in which you try to pop as many balloons as you can before time runs out to earn a high score. Dog Fighting, where you challenge up to five planes at a time and be the last plane flying, again to earn a high score.  Finally, survival mode where you have to stay alive as long as you can, as two planes try to shoot you down.

With these three different modes to try your luck with, all provide their own unique charm and are quite fun. If you just want to shoot some balloons without much pressure other than time, there is your mode to play, or if you want to shoot down the evil blue planes who want to shoot you down too, then you have that choice available. An expanded story mode would have been nice to see but with these three modes, there is variety to the game.

In addition, the controls for this game are quite easy to follow, and the best part is you do not have to worry about how high your plane can fly or descend without worrying about [i]'uh oh I am close to hitting the ground'[/i] or [i['uh oh I did hit the ground, damn'[/i]. Your planes can execute plenty of different moves, from the famous barrel roll, to a nice loop that looks impressive and it really is too.

What makes this game different from some other Flight Simulation games is the skill meter that your plane utilizes. For every move that you execute, to simply using your machine gun.  The skill meter will decrease, empty out the skill meter, and you cannot do anything until it refills. It is a bit of an annoyance because you can not go around simply holding down the machine gun trying to defeat enemies or simply just to look cool shooting your machine gun as you fly. It does add a bit of strategy to the game nevertheless as this feature does cause you to think when you should go for a barrel roll or other move, so it is a nifty feature to see.

The music in the game is all right, nothing super special and there is only one track throughout the different modes, but you can turn it off via the menu and then you can be like me, put on Aces High by Iron Maiden, and just blast your enemies away, good times.

There is also just one environment that you will explore in the different modes as well, it looks nice though with fog effects and it does give you the feeling of awe as you are controlling the plane and flying over the land realizing how beautiful it really is.

So if you happen to like Flight simulation like combat and perhaps are tempted to play online with some friends or simply to try out the different modes in this game, check out Aces High Over Verlor Island and see it in action for yourself.


Review by: DeathDude

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