Rani Hasan personal photo Rani Hasan
Age: 40 years
Nationality: Jordanian
Whereabouts: Jordan - Middle East
Social status: Married
Companies: None
Websites: http://ranihasan.netfirms.com
Having been born and raised in the Middle East taught Rani a lot, but not as much as adventure games did, replica designer watches which at some point were Rani's only source of education and entertainment.

Rani, however, feels that he have a lot to contribute to the adventure game scene in order to re-pay the good deeds, replica designer watches that made him the successful married person that his is now.

Having helped creating an Arabic Font for AGS, contributed some work to fan-based projects such as KQ9, SQ7 and Quest for More Glory, writing articles for The Inventory E-Zine, creating his own two games, cheap replica watches Replica Watches and planning on creating a full length game, are but a humble contribution for Rani's most beloved interest of all earthly matters, Adventure Games.

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A Tale of Betrayal A Tale of Betrayal
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Rani Hasan
"Your crew has betrayed you, can you escape from your predicament? Give a Tale of Betrayal a try and find out what else will happen in your journey."

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