Very good-looking visuals
Music is nice and bouncy
Interesting story
Somewhat easy puzzles
Slow walking speed
Not many areas to explore


So, it is time to enter the role of Ali in A Tale of Betrayal. It's your standard adventure game, with really nice looking cartoon visuals that give a real depth to the game, izmir sex shop combined with a nice overall feeling of the adventure you get to experience to make this a worthy adventure game.

In the game you play the role of Ali, wh is sailing with his crew when suddenly out of nowhere he ends up being tied to a barrel, thrown into the cargo room of the ship and left all alone. Why did he end up like this? izmir sex shop What are the reasons behind this? Well, it's up to you to discover all this, escape from your predicament and find out the real story of why this all happened to you.

As you begin the game, you'll see that the style of this adventure game is a little bit different. The game uses very nice looking cartoon graphics to show the environments and characters; it really is a very good-looking effect. In order to use such things as objects, sex shop izmir you have to hold down the left mouse button for a little bit before a picture will pop up telling you what you can do (look at, use, talk to) - the style is certainly reminiscent of Full Throttle.

The music in the game is alright, not the greatest stuff but still it's not bad either, it's good for the scenes that you play in though. So it conveys that mood, even though that's sex shop izmir one point I'll mention, there's not really a lot of scenes to explore in the game, which was disappointing for me. The game also uses a few cutscenes in the beginning - it was cool to see them being used.

As for the puzzles in the game, they are all the right difficulty, they sex shop izmir should take you some time to figure out the solutions but they aren't exactly the trickiest ones, but that's okay. Other than the slow walking speed of the main character the lack of areas that you can explore in the game, A Tale of Betrayal is definitely a fun adventure game to play and I enjoyed it, so check it out and see for izmir sex shop yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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