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Push Push
Rating : [4]
Producers: Sei
"If you like puzzle games that are a little bit different, then this is for you. Place blocks in the correct square to create a picture. You really need to Push your logic skills to the limit with this one!"
Puzz Power Puzz Power
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Gameslab Productions
"In this nice little puzzle game, you take control of an electric current which you have to guide through 30 different mazes. A good game for those long cold winter evenings."
Puzznic Puzznic
Rating : [3]
Producers: RetroDev Games
"A puzzling game of block-pushing that is harder than it first appeears. Can you clear all the blocks from the screen? "
PyTraffic PyTraffic
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Michel Vandenbergh
"The traffic these days is diabolical! Even in parking lots, you can get boxed in from all sides. Well here\'s your chance to put things right. Move the honking cars forwards and backwards, and clear a path for our red tractor to get to the exit."
Simple Tetris For Stroodles Simple Tetris For Stroodles
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Andy Noble
"Ah, Tetris! An addictive game where you have to build solid lines by moving and rotating pieces. What could be simpler? So are you ready for some fun? Simple Tetris For Stroodles will satisfy all your Tetris needs."
Soko-Ban Armageddon Soko-Ban Armageddon
Rating : [4]
Producers: Forever Games
"Pushing crates around has never been so much fun! Can you beat the warehouses in this game of logic?"
SokoBlast SokoBlast
Rating : [3]
Producers: Hellbound
"Find your way through the maze and to the exit by collecting gold bars, finding keys, pushing blocks, and then SokoBlast your way to freedom."
Stardust Stardust
Rating : [2.5]
Producers: James M. Burton
"Two people, lost in the stardust universe, trying to find each other, but of course there is always a lot of obstacles in the way. Using your deductive puzzle solving skills help them reunite once more in this title"
SubTerra SubTerra
Rating : [4.9]
Producers: Crystal Shard
"Do you have the wits and brainpower to solve these levels? SubTerra pushes the limits of 2D puzzle games into an area of brilliance."
Total Sokoban 2 Total Sokoban 2
Rating : [3.9]
Producers: George Adam
"Just push a few boxes around. That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s all you have to do here. How hard can that be? Well it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Vertrix 2 Vertrix 2
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Clusters, The
"Beat your opponent by making alignments of blocks. This can be done by matching 3 blocks in a line (any direction), or by combining blocks to make different shapes. You need a cool head to get far in Vertrix 2."
Worms Breakout 2 Worms Breakout 2
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: AnyKeySoft
"What do you get when you combine classic worms and breakout gameplay, Worms Breakout 2 of course. See the best elements from both games in this title"
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