Enigma Enigma
Made by: Daniel Heck
Website: http://www.nongnu.org/enigma/
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Challenging gameplay
Variety - over 700 levels
Ultimately repetitive

Not many puzzle games these days require a very steady hand, cat-like reflexes, and a good memory in addition to a lot of patience.  Meet Enigma, a game that could best be described as Marble Madness and a pinball machine on a date at the miniature golf course (decide for yourself who the female is; this reviewer thinks it's Marble Madness).  In Enigma, you must roll a ball or balls through over 700 different levels. Your balls are linked directly to your mouse, so in order to complete the puzzles you must guide your balls past many obstacles and hazards.

Most puzzles in Enigma require you to roll your ball into certain tiles which display a hidden symbol.  In order to complete this type of puzzle, you must navigate your ball through the course and find a similar tile with the matching symbol. Some puzzles also require you to move smaller, synchronized balls into holes in a manner not unlike those plastic parlor games with the ball bearings inside. Typical hazards include certain types of floors which alter the balls' motions in different ways; the space floors move your balls without any resistance (just like in space), while certain white tiles reverse the direction of the mouse. Your mouse's connection to your balls is so precise that you will feel the effects of certain floors as you try to move your balls around; it will feel as though your mouse has become lighter or heavier.

In order to complete a level, you often have to push certain blocks around to make areas of the level more accessible to you. Wooden blocks float in water and thus allow you to form a bridge. Black blocks with red arrows move in their direction until something stops them.  There are also items that help you along the way, often by manipulating certain blocks.  These items include dynamite, magic wands, spades, and even spoons.

Review by: Triton

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10,9 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for all ages
Approx. 20 MB of free space
Windows 9x or above
or Mac OS X 10.4
or Most Unices
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