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Angry Drunken Dwarves Angry Drunken Dwarves
Rating : [3.6]
Producers: Joe Wreschnig, Jessie Silver, Jenn Hartnoll, theGREENzebra, Zach Wellhouse
"Dwarves are well known for their love of beer. What is not so well known is their fondness for playing puzzle games in relojes imitacion order to solve disputes when they are angry."
At the Carnival At the Carnival
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Cliff Johnson
"Step right up folks, step right up and test your brainpower At the Carnival! Take a stroll, puzzle your way through the amusement park and see what you can uncover! Step right up!"
Big Box of Blox Big Box of Blox
Rating : [4.1]
Producers: Digital Eel
"Big Box of Blox - small game, big fun!!! Eliminate the puzzle pieces any way you can. So have fun blowing them up, squishing them, and smashish them. And stay alive as long as you can."
Blob, The Blob, The
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Joost van Dongen, David Vink, Jasper Koning, Fabian Akker, Gijs Hermans, Ralph Rademakers, Fahrang Namdar, Huub van Summeren, Olaf Jansen
"The Blob replicas relojes is a fun game where you can really let your hair down and paint the town red... no, blue... um, maybe yellow... how about green..."
BlockOut II BlockOut II
Rating : [4]
Producers: Jean-Luc Pons
"Do you like Tetris, but think it\\\'s too easy? Looking for more of a challenge? Well Blockout II uses a 3D environment to take it to the next level. Rotate blocks in all 3 directions, but keep a mental note of what blocks are at the bottom."
Brainstorm Brainstorm
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Gordon King
"Ball trapping is the goal of this puzzle game, it may seem simple but it\'s not, find out what it all means in "
Bricks over Islands Bricks over Islands
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Jani Parviainen
"Test your skills in this unique puzzle game, as you control your little penguin character as you try to solve the different scenarios that you have to accomplish. Prepare your mind for this intriguing game with Brick Over Islands"
Castle Of Elite Castle Of Elite
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Remar Games
"You are trapped in a castle. Guide your character to the portal in each room. But beware - danger lurks everywhere! Are you clever enough to escape the deadly Castle of Elite?"
Challengo Challengo
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Xanthom
"Poor Ray
Clone Clone
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Antares Productions
"Our little blue hero is trapped in a castle owned by an evil sorceror, and he finds himself being subjected to cloning experiments. He must use these clones to his advantage, as he desperately tries to find a way out."
Columns QCG Columns QCG
Rating : [4.3]
Producers: Jonathan Lam
"Can you align 3 blocks of the same colour, and get the highest score in Columns QCG?"
ColumnsX ColumnsX
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: 64 Digits
"Better get your brains in gear for this addictive little puzzler. Eliminate 3 blocks - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - and prevent the screen from filling up. So how far will you get in ColumnsX?"
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