Big Box of Blox Big Box of Blox
Made by: Digital Eel
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Great artwork
Different looking puzzle piece
Nice tunes
No other puzzle modes
No multiplayer

Seeing the title of this game, Big Box of Blox, is certainly a mouthful, to say the very least. While I do give some props for the unique title, it does come across as a tad cheesy I would have to say. Cheesy or not however, Big Box of Blox is a very intriguing puzzle game very similar in style to another freeware game title - Vertrix 2. By similar, I mean in terms of using different sets of puzzle pieces for each of the different puzzle areas that you can pick from before you start. However, what Big Box of Blox is missing is characters, more levels and a few other features. Nevertheless, Big Box of Blox is a solid puzzle title, in which you simply try to eliminate the blocks as they come down the screen by linking three or more of the same puzzle pieces. Going for that high score and seeing how long you can stay alive is the primary goal of this game.

Once you start the game, you can modify the controls to your liking and tackle one of the different areas of your choosing.  Should you choose to get bored of this option, you also have the ability to modify your own level, with the preset levels and music tracks. A nifty feature that goes a long way into enhancing the replay value of the game.

When you finally choose which level you wish to play, you are thrust right into the action. The objective is simple - guide three of the same puzzles pieces together as they drop from the top of the screen to remove them from the playing field. The more puzzle pieces that you can eliminate at once, the more points you receive. You can also keep track on the right hand of the screen, where a certain image will slowly disappear in number, as you make these combos. Once all of the number of images on the right is gone, they will reappear once again, and the speed that your puzzle pieces fall will increase, making the game challenging. If you end up filling either the middle section of the screen or a certain part of the screen all the way to the top, you will lose.

What is most impressive about the game is not only the different backgrounds of the levels, but the individual puzzle pieces. Each one that is used for whichever level is chosen looks great and adds a little bit of charm to the game as a whole. It was great to see this little touch added to the game, as generally with most puzzle games, you do not see such an addition added to the game to keep things simple, but this feature is welcomed.

The different music tracks in the game are also quite nice to listen to in each of the different levels. My favorite is definitely the first levels or the default level that you see when you first load up the game. However, each levels music is quite memorable and adds to the whole experience throughout the game.

The unfortunate part about this game is that there is a lack of extra modes or even some variety that could have made it stand out from the pack. While the game is definitely solid with the puzzle action that is occurring, it would have been nice to see powerups, or even levels you could beat after a certain amount of time. Just having one mode of gameplay can make the game seem dated after awhile.

Another big feature that was very disappointing not to see, was the exclusion of multiplayer. Had there simply been hotseat multiplayer so that you and a friend could play on the same computer, that would have been just fine.  I would not be picky beyond this aspect of multiplayer, but none whatsoever was a bit of a downer. Even a computer AI opponent, to challenge you in the different levels, could have even sufficed.  However that was not to be in this case.

Yet despite these concerns, if you are looking for a solid puzzle game to keep you entertained for a little while, then Big Box of Blox manages to do the job quite nicely. Just do not expect much more than the levels you can pick and the customization options, which are quite nifty but only add so much to the gameplay. Presentation wise, the game does an exceptional job, on the gameplay front.  However, more could have been done to make the game stand out from the competition that exists.


Review by: DeathDude

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DirectX 6

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