Osiris Games company logo
Established: 10.08.2004
CEO: Rob Cooper
Whereabouts: International
Workers: Damien Russell, Nino Arndt, Rob Cooper, Tilus Clark
Website: http://www.osirisgames.com/
Osiris Games was founded with the release of Chart Wars. The company has since continued with the Chart Wars series, as well as various other games like GameBiz and Insomnia.

Chart Wars 3 Chart Wars 3
Rating : [3.1]
Producers: Osiris Games
"In the musical arena battles are waged between record labels. Can you make it to the top, or will you become a casualty of Chart Wars?"
GameBiz GameBiz
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Osiris Games
"Think you could run a game development studio? GameBiz will let you find out."

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