Nino Arndt personal photo Nino Arndt
Age: 47 years
Nationality: Danish
Whereabouts: ?rhus, Denmark
Social status: Working on Gamebiz II
Companies: Osiris Games
Works for Osiris Games as the GameBiz lead developer. Started with computers in 1981 with a Commodore VIC 20, and quickly got into programming, making demos, small games and music. After getting a pc in 1990 he started programming dos games for Interactivision in Pascal and Assembly. Nowadays he develops administration tools and AntiSpyware programs, and works on freeware projects in his spare time.

Chart Wars 3 Chart Wars 3
Rating : [3.1]
Producers: Osiris Games
"In the musical arena battles are waged between record labels. Can you make it to the top, or will you become a casualty of Chart Wars?"
GameBiz 2 GameBiz 2
Rating : [4.9]
Producers: VelociGames
"Ever wanted to make your own computer games? Think you could do better than all the game development companies out there? Well the challenge is on, as GameBiz 2 gives you that chance. So have you got what it takes to make the next hit game?"

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