Nick personal photo Nick
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Social status:
Companies: None
Nick is a talented young student, who enjoys creating games in his spare time.

Infinity Infinity
Rating : [4]
Producers: Nick
"Infinity is a fun little RPG, made by our very own Nick. Explore a town, date, get married, commit crimes, whatever you want. But above all... HAVE FUN! "
Infinity 2 Infinity 2
Rating : [4.3]
Producers: Nick
"Welcome to Infinity 2. A new adventure awaits you, and as a stranger in a new city, it\'s up to you how to survive. Are you a hero who likes to help people? Are you the master criminal? Or are you the famous monster-killer?"
Infinity 3 Infinity 3
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Nick
"Join Solo, and his loyal cat Desmond, as they set out on an epic adventure. Explore lands, conquer the sea, and maybe even find love, in Infinity 3."

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