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Huge maps to explore
Lots of quests to keep you bus
Fantastic, atmospheric music


The Infinity games just keeps getting bigger and better. And Infinity 3 is the biggest and best so far!

You are Solo, a man with an unknown past... and a thirst for adventure. Accompanied by your loyal cat Desmond, you set out to explore the islands, and conquer the sea, encountering allies and enemies along the way. Your first stop... is Leonardo Town.

Infinity 3, as with the previous Infinity games, gives you the freedom to play YOUR way. Will you be the hero, helping those in need? Will you pick-pocket citizens? Or will you be a cut-throat, swash-buckling pirate, roaming the sees for evermore? The choice is yours. It's up to you what to do, and when to do it. Choices you make could have consequences in the future, and people you meet along the way could become a good ally... or a deadly enemy. Some people will ask you for help, and it's up to you if you want to help them or not. Your crew can get quite large, and it's fun watching them all follow everywhere. Others will give you a side-quest, and if you complete it, they will ask to join your crew. A large crew can also be useful, if you choose to fight monsters. It's entirely up to you, if you want them aboard, of course.

Aside from the main quest, you'll find lots of special 'treats' in the game. For example, you can enter the Social Hall, and date, or even get married. In another town, you can play the lottery. Or you can explore the Haunted House. There are several houses your could buy, should you wish., providing your have enough money, of course. One of my favourite scenes, is when you enter Solo's mind, and you have to collect 10 memories. There's so much to do in this game, but I'll let you find the rest out for yourself.

One minor nitpick, is that the buildings in the Mountain Farming village are not complete, so you can't enter them. But that doesn't stop you from exploring the village, and talking to the townspeople.




The game is controlled via the keyboard. Move your character around town by using the cursor keys, and skip through dialogue with the 'Enter' key. You can talk to other characters simply by walking into them, or interact with objects by using the Enter key. Coloured crystals are markers, indicating that something can be done at that location. It could be a quest, or a special event. Be on the look out for treasure chests, and see what goodies they hold inside. And if you get lost, out at sea, don't worry, simply press 'Q' to return to the main whirlpool. And of course, don't forget to talk to everyone you meet. Almost everyone has something interesting to say. It's also fun eavesdropping on their conversations as they talk to each other.


The main menu is accessed by pressing Esc, and from here, you can see what items and equipment you have (and use them, of course), see the status of your various crew members, change the order of your crew, save your progress, of even quit the game.


Arrow keys - Movement

Enter key - Skip through dialogue \\\\ Interact with objects

Q - Return to main whirlpool at sea

Esc - Main menu






The graphics in Infinity 3 are fun and cartoony. As soon as you enter Leonardo town (where you start the game), the strong, bright colours make the game seem nice and cheerful. And I like how the coloured crystals indicate there is something to do there. It's fun watching the townspeople getting on with their own lives, be it playing, walking around, or talking to each other. Smoke coming from the chimneys, birds flying overhead, and frogs hopping around, are all wonderful touches, and gravestones in the cemetery have some funny comments to read. But this town is only part of the game... there is so much more to explore.

Leaves blowing through Leonardo Forest is just beautiful to see. And when you find the jail... it has rats running around in it. EEEEEKKK!!! Out at sea, clouds float by, and sometimes it even rains, adding atmosphere to the game. The town of Soterios is very beautiful and picturesque, with gentle snowflakes falling.



Infinity 3 has beautiful music, throughout the game. Even music in the menu screen is very dramatic, with a lot of heavy drums, making it sound very adventurous. Music in the game is created by a talented musician known as Halindar, and it can vary from light-hearted flute music, to peaceful and calm, to urgent and adventurous, to eerie and suspenseful, and everything in between. It changes, depending on which area you're in, and you'll find yourself revisiting certain areas, just to hear the music again. The creator has also added a feature, so when you hear a new piece of music, it is saved to a music box. Music boxes are scattered throughout the game, and when you find one, you can listen to whatever songs you have already come across.

Sound effects are also used with good effect. Birds tweeting as they fly overhead, or frogs croaking as they hop around are fun to hear. Doors opening & closing, fire crackling in the fire place, and water dripping in the jail, all add a lot of enjoyment to the game. Even weather sounds, like the rain falling, or wind in Mountain Village draw you into the game.




This review is for version 2.1. However, the game creator is continually updating and improving his game. Kudos to him for that!




Infinity 3 is a fun little RPG, giving YOU the freedom to decide for yourself how you want to play. YOU, as Solo, decide what to do, and when to do it. There's so many things to find in this game - exploring towns, getting married, completing mini-quests fighting monsters, roaming the seas, completing quests, and more. You even get to choose who joins your crew, and who doesn't. But the main thing is, to have fun exploring. Game controls are done via the keyboard. Use Arrow keys to move Solo, progress through dialogue or interact with items by pressing Enter, Q to return to the main whirlpool at see, and Esc to bring up the main menu. Graphics are bright and colourful, and I like how the coloured crystals indicate an interactive area. Things like smoke coming from the chimneys, birds flying overhead, and leaves blowing in the forest, are lovely to see. Music is a pleasure to listen to and sound effects such as frogs croaking, or fires crackling, help bring the game to life. And kudos must go to the game creator, for continuing to update and improve his game.


Review by: Frodo

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