Massive Entertainment company logo
Established: 1997
CEO: Martin Walfisz
Whereabouts: Malmö, Sweden
Workers: Dan Andersson, Henrik Sebring, Martin Walfisz, Mats Grahm, Tobias Strömvall
From the Homepage of Massive Entertainment:
Massive Entertainment, founded in 1997, is a premier producer of games and interactive entertainment software for a worldwide market. Its world acclaimed PC game 'Ground Control', launched in 2000, established Massive Entertainment as one of the most innovative developers in the real time strategy genre. Further, the company has developed several integrated games for mobile phone, SMS and WAP platforms, and a number of additional titles for the PC.

In 2002 Vivendi Universal Games (VUG) acquired the company to become one of only two development studios outside North America. Together Massive and VUG are now working on the top entertainment titles of the future.

The company is located in Malmö, Sweden.

Ground Control Ground Control
Rating : [4]
Producers: Massive Entertainment
"Blast your way through mission after mission, as you play as first the Crayven and then the Order in this neoclassic RTS"

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