Ground Control Ground Control
Made by: Massive Entertainment
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Low minimum requirements
Detailed graphics
You can't select only one unit
It's hard to control the units

Swedish developer Massive Entertainment's Ground Control is a 3D real-time tactical game in which you command squads of military vehicles and powerful infantry in 30 missions. In the first 15 you play as the Crayven forces and in the other 15 as the Order's forces. I liked the campaigns, but the story isn't original and the game is linear.

The graphics in this game are very good and you don't need a powerful computer to play this game , but when you look closely you can see that the units and the buildings are not very detailed or pretty, which is quite sad, but in the middle of the battle you won't notice this. Anyway, the game's engine renders every tank, plane or unit very realistically. You can see bugs, shell casings when your infantry fires and even pilots sitting in their cockpits.

Before every mission your orders are revealed to you through a conversation between you and your boss. After the briefing you can select which units you want to use, if they should be defensive, offensive, balanced or used for recon and you which special weapon and equipment they will use. The missions are hard, even if you can select the difficulty before you start one. One thing I don't like is that in the game there are no resources. You can't build units or buildings, but this doesn't make the game less enjoyable.

When you select a unit in Ground Control, you give orders to its entire squad. Because of this it's hard to see how damaged  your tank is, but even if you could, when you order a tank to retreat everybody in its squad retreats too. This can get frustrating sometimes and thus the only easy way to notice if a unit is damaged is when it catches on fire. Stealth, "the act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way". In this game being stealthy is somewhat important. You can hide in dark areas of the map and in the vegetation, becoming almost invisible and gaining tactical advantage over the enemy, but so can he. You can also go on mountains and have your accuracy increase.

It's fun to play against the computer, but it's more entertaining to play against a human opponent. When you select multiplayer you need to write your unique unlock code you received from FilePlanet and select multiplayer setup. That's where you'll enter your nickname and password. You can make an account there too. It's very easy to make one and you don't need to download a thing! After that you can connect and play against other people.

Overall this is a good game and I'll give it a 4.  *returns to the game and tries for the third time to finish a mission without cheating :D *

NOTE: I downloaded the game from FilePlanet and could not find the map editor in it, but I was able to find the editor at the following address:

Review by: Abi79

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457 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Safe for ages: 13+
Windows 95/98 or above
306MB HD Space
4x CD-ROM or better
4MB Video Card or better
DirectX 7.0a
Windows(R) compatible sound device
Mouse replicas de relojes suizos and keyboard
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