Johan "Wartagon" Hargne personal photo Johan "Wartagon" Hargne
Age: 33 years
Nationality: Swedish
Whereabouts: Stockholm, Sweden
Social status: Unknown
Companies: Crobasoft
From his homepage:
"I have been composing over six years. I've played the piano for twelve years now and the guitarr for eight years
breitling replica and the drums for six years. That's a whole lot for a seventeen year old boy I guess.
I'm right now going to a sorta music school where I both get to study regular school subjects, like maths, english but where I also get music lessons with
omega replica a musical class. It's a great combination that gives me an education beside the musical part."

Clouds Kingdom 3 Clouds Kingdom 3
Rating : [4.4]
Producers: Crobasoft
"You are Master Jikah, a seasoned ninja, and your quest is to wreak vengeance on your arch enemy Sinith Majoo. Armed with your trusty katana you must face your destiny in Clouds Kingdom 3."

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