Great presentation
Excellent music
Easy Controls
Very hard bosses

The role of a ninja is not an easy path for some to follow. It is difficult full of danger, mystery, and many challenges that are where this ninja comes in as he goes forth across many lands. On a journey to face evil and deal with the world around him, in Clouds Kingdom 3. An excellent game that shows a great amount of work went into development, with good graphics; great music and an overall fun platform game that should keep you focused.

The story of Clouds Kingdom 3 involve our hero, our ninja known as JiKah, who's rival is Sinith Majoo a powerful wizard, only they knew of the reason they were fighting each other apparently. One day though JiKah was defeated and surrendered but Sinith Majoo sent him to another dimension and since then JiKah has been finding his way back to find Sinith Majoo and defeat him in battle. That has much the short version of the story, a tale of revenge, ah yes a tale of getting back to win, awesomeness.

Graphically the game is done with attention to detail; the environments and backgrounds are well done overall and as the characters in the world. They are good for a platform title and although they are not the best out there, that does not matter for this style of game the graphics fit like a glove. The music as well for the game was chosen perfectly, as each tune fits in with the action that is going on and it sounds well suited to the type of environment that is being conveyed. Very good music that brings in the mood and keeps it there even as the action is commencing on screen. Finally the controls are easy to get used to and soon enough you should get used to it. As well, the first level has a mini tutorial for first time gamers to get used to the controls by detailing each move and this will pop up in later levels when you learn new moves.

Difficulty in this game is high, no question about it. The enemies you encounter will frustrate you and they may get the better of you, considering you only have three hearts of life. The bosses you face, are just a big pain and it is very reminiscent to old console bosses from the nes back in the day, high difficulty and you may have your troubles. Thankfully, there are save points and most of the time they are before a boss battle so that was awesome to see.

Overall this was a great platform game to try out and really liked the way it proceeded other than the annoying bosses. However, if your looking for a challenge this is the one to check out, its called Clouds Kingdom 3, give it a try.

Review by: DeathDude

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