Jeff "Yak" Minter personal photo Jeff "Yak" Minter
Age: Unknown
Nationality: British
Whereabouts: UK
Social status: Alive
Companies: None
His pseudonym, Yak, was chosen a long time ago, back in the days when hi-score tables on coin-op machines only held three letters. He settled on Yak because the yak is a scruffy hairy beast - a lot like himself.

Jeff is the father of lightsynth software, making the first ones and developing them ever since. He's currently working on Neon, the newest step in this series, which will be released on various platforms, including the XBox 360.

Llamatron: 2112 Llamatron: 2112
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Jeff "Yak" Minter
"Step in the hooves of a llama and blast your way through pure wickedness while saving the beasties."

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