Llamatron: 2112 Llamatron: 2112
Made by: Jeff "Yak" Minter
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Two-player requires joysticks

"Brilliant game. Play it! NOW!!!!... please?" - Puffin.
It all comes down to this. This game's simply brilliant, and you can't afford not to play it. Although this game is quite old already and uses a proved concept, it still is refreshing. Llamatron is a Robotron-like game in which you play a llama that has to rescue beasties, while beating the weirdest range of enemies.

Llamatron's concept is easy: Save the beasties while simply blasting everything else. While the concept is easy, the game isn't. It starts out pretty easy, but soon enough, you'll encounter a wide variety from objects and creatures that'll make the levels tough as hell. These range from spiked turtles that shoot needles when killed, over large fireballs that shoot rockets to laserbeams that pass from one side of the field to the other. These turn the game into a challenge, building up difficulty in such a perfect way it drastically increases the fun.

The graphics are, just like the game, pretty old, but still look decent. The title screen and highscore screen's bigger pictures're from a bit less quality, but more than make up with coolness. Who can nag 'bout low-quality graphics when those same graphics show punk-yaks? Each level brings different graphics for the enemies, too. You have, for example, plantpots on feet, happy faces, coke cans, and much, much more different enemies. This variety of stuff to look at will keep you clustered to the game, trying to get as far as possible, seeing as many kinds of weird enemies as you can.

Sounds are just plain odd. Really, honestly odd. The basic sounds're pretty normal: blasts when you shoot, exploding sounds for when something explodes and that stuff. It's the random stuff, like "Oh Yeah" or the "ooOOOooh!" when a powerup shows up, that make the sounds in general odd. Don't get me wrong, it's not in a bad sense. They put a big grin on your face while playing, and add to the general brilliance of the game.

When playing this game, you have the choice of two types of controls: two joysticks (one for each player), or the keyboard. With the keyboard, you just use the arrow keys to move. You shoot automatically, so that's nothing to worry 'bout. For the two-player mode, you'll need the two joysticks, though.

All in all, Llamatron can't be described any better than how Puffin did: "Brilliant game. Play it! NOW!!!!"

Review by: Kon-Tiki

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