Noctis Noctis
Made by: Alessandro "Fottifoh" Ghignola
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Infinite exploration
Name your own stars
In-game screenshot feature
Low-res graphics
No sound
Difficult controls

Noctis a name that you will from now on remember as the best space simulation ever made. It is a 3D open source space sim where your main goal is to explore the vast amount of space. On your trips you get to do things such as land on planets and moons, take pictures, hunt for food and so on.

You may find this boring but there are so many planets, moons and stars that it would take a life time to see them all. Just to give you an idea how big this is say there are 1,000,000,000 stars each star can have say 8 planets and each planet can have a number of moons. And the great thing is no two planets are alike so wherever you go you will always see something new.

The graphics in the game are low-resolution but that just makes it look much better, although some times it is hard to see. While the gameplay is great, there is no sound. Some people may not like this, but I think it makes it more realistic as there is no sound in space. You will travel around in your ship which looks more or less like a box.

The controls in the game will take a little time to get used to as it's like a 3D point and click interface. You control your ship with the buttons on the front window which you need to look at then click, but you will quickly get used to it.

You may currently think the game can't get any better, but it does: you can name stars, planets and moons then upload the data files so on the next update of the game your names will be in it.

Noctis is a great game and new versions of it are still made.

The current game version is Noctis 4 so we will have to see what Noctis 5 is like when it comes out.

Enjoy the game.

Review by: Chickenman

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