Large world to explore
Nice music
Not many items/powerups
Some hard areas

As you look from the wreckage of a UFO, you might imagine this has been quite some day for our character Knytt. After being abducted by an alien, the day does not get any better when the UFO happens to crash too. Things just happen to keep getting better and better since, well, they are on an unknown planet! So what can Knytt do? Well, work towards getting off the planet for one thing.  That’s the goal of our little hero as he sets forth across this mysterious island to return to his home. In Kyntt, what you get is a game which focus is on exploration as you search this island for some way to get off, but you need to gather the UFO’s parts to help with reconstructing the damaged ship, and hopefully return home in the process. With lots to see, some great music, and just an interesting world to see firsthand, what you get is a different kind of game that really displays a different sort of game idea.

There really is not much of a story to speak of in the game; just that an alien abducted Knytt, and unfortunately, the alien’s ship crashed on this unknown planet. Therefore, Knytt decides somehow to recover the UFO’s ship parts, which may hopefully allow the alien to repair his ship and get him back home. Well least that is what he hopes…

Graphically, the game looks nice. There are many areas to explore and there is lots of colour used in the different areas. There is not just one consistent forest area, or water area, it is a big world you have to explore. Each area has a different theme - from the desert, to an ice world; it is a similar graphics style interestingly enough to another game, by the name of Within A Deep Forest. The games both look similar, but the game still looks really good.

The music in the game as well, is very nice to listen too. Somewhat relaxing so it will not be distracting you as you travel through each area. Fits the mood of the game nicely too, as your exploring this unknown territory and the sound slowly starts, perfect execution and I did not find any of the tunes to be out of place.

As well as that, Knytt can never die! That's right, you have infinite lives in this game.  So should trouble arise, like falling in the lake, or being killed by an enemy, you will resurrect from the last save point, so no having to worry about lives or anything in this game.

In terms of actual items and powerups there is not many in the game. The only things you really encounter is the ship parts, and even still there are fewer enemies.  Usually they are guarding a key ship part, and you have to figure out a way to avoid them. It can be quiet, minus the scenery and different NPC’s you see in your travels, but you cannot really interact with them anyway, so it’s mostly just eye candy. There are also certain areas you may have trouble with, but just keep exploring and trying and you will beat them soon enough with some practice.

Nevertheless, this was an interesting and different kind of game to play which was nice. So check out Knytt, and see it for yourself in action.


Review by: DeathDude

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