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Highway Pursuit is a simple, yet brilliant, driving game that was released January 2005. The game is still fresh from the press, but is already showing signs of quickly becoming one of the most popular freeware titles in recent years.

The game was a product of a joint operation between Adam Dawes and Retrospec, and it takes inspiration from many old racing games.

The story, as everything else, is ver simple. You are a renegade driver who fights against agents trying to take over the streets. Your car is equipped with a machinegun and unlimited ammunition. There will also be different trailers along the road, who will help you in your mission. There are a total of four trailes, giving you different types of aid: Repair, oil, smokescreens and missiles. And there are also four different types of enemies; The Crasher (it tries to push you off the road), The Blade (using extendable blades, it tries to burst your tires), The Jeep (bulletproof jeep that will try to push you off the road), and at last The Chopper (this little cretin drops bombs in your way, and will do serious damage to your car). Apart from these, there are a lot of civilian cars - who should NOT be destroyed!

What really amazes me with the game is the simplicity in everything. The graphics are excellent for the type of game and looks very lifelike, yet contains very few details. The controls are mastered within 2 seconds, and you have an outstanding maneuverability of your car. You can drive in over 170 mph and still avoid rocks in the road, the driving is that smooth in the game. As for the music... This is music that will make you rock on while driving, it is perfect. Allthough it does remind me a lot of Daft Punk...

I'll just end this with a statement: "Download right now, and enjoy!!!"

Review by: Tom Henrik

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