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Hilarious story/dialogues
Intriguing characters
Easy to start playing
Sound is hit and miss

Its always interesting to see when certain games try to parody a particular game, or genre, or whatever aspect of a particular game they wish to make humorous. It can either be hit or miss, at times with trying so hard to be funny, other elements of the game end up suffering. However, in this game, the developers managed to not only succeed in making a humorous game, but also with the help of RPG Maker 2000, make an excellent RPG too.  In Final Fallacy, what you see is a game that pokes fun at the many aspects of the RPG genre.  It combines that with some funny dialogues with NPC's, events that occur, and more.  You get some intriguing characters to play as, and overall, a good game that really is quite balanced in terms of such things as battling, costs and more.

The game's story starts off involving a battle with a group of four characters taking on a being known as the "Arch Villain" who is not worried about this band of warriors and with taunts being thrown back and forth. Soon, the battle begins and the "Arch Villain" promptly defeats the warriors. Not soon afterwards another group of four heroes comes to do battle with the "Arch Villain" who has not yet healed as he says, and to his surprise, he is defeated. Therefore, the four heroes of the battle are all treated like heroes and each end up going their own ways, except for Guy, the leader of the party who ends up becoming King. As time passes on however, Guy grows tired of being a king and devises the idea that he and his advisor, who also fought in the great battle, go out and start battling again. Despite being told that all the monsters are gone, Guy nevertheless plans to head out into the world to do battle, because obviously there is evil out there, its just hiding.

As you play the game, the main focus is on the humor aspect, from the different characters you talk with, who generally have something funny to say about the RPG genre in general, or just little observations, such as why are you busting into their home, those sorts of RPG cliches. Other areas that are touched upon in the game also include, the whole treasure chests in the wild, random encounters, and more.  Every RPG cliché is mentioned in the game, and the humor is executed very well.  It does not sound forced in most cases throughout the game. It just seems to flow naturally from the different characters you encounter, to the different story elements. The different characters in the game also are an interesting bunch. From Guy, who believes that they need to battle, to his rational sidekick who has to look at the logic, and overanalyze many situations.  Each add their own unique personality to the story. The NPC's too each have their memorable qualities from, and you just have to see it for yourself, because there is quite a few variations to see.

The game itself even though its built on the RPG Maker 2000 engine, is quite balanced I found. Fighting enemies, and just exploring the world is straightforward.  Such things as experience points, gold, and other elements are all distributed fairly, and not like in some RPGs where it can be quite a challenge to earn gold.  It's a fair system that really works in the game. Another interesting element as well is that while the game uses a first person perspective to battle enemies, the developer used sprites to show your characters attacking, its simple but yet something you do not always see in these types of games.

While I enjoyed the music in the game, the other aspects of sound are okay in most cases.  Even then, sound effects that you hear will sometimes make you go, "What was that?".  It is not like that in all the game, but it happens in some areas and just was a bit annoying.

Nevertheless this was an enjoyable game and had a lot of laughs with much of the content, so if your looking for a strong RPG, that also is funny, look no further than Final Fallacy.

Review by: DeathDude

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