RPG Maker 2000
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You can build your own RPGs
Easy to operate
Later versions are shareware

Many of todays freeware RPG games are made using this system. It is based on the ASCII engine that is most known to Nintendo players. Not only does this program run games featured on the site, but it can even be used to create your own games. It will enable you to enjoy the old-school look and feel of RPG games under any modern Windows system. A very handy tool indeed.

Sadly, in order to keep the freeware license of RPG Maker, so that we may host it on the site, we've been forced to remove the actual game making part of the program. This means that by downloading this utility, you will only be able to play games created with it, but not be able to create any yourself. This is also the reason why we don't have any screenshot showing the utility in use.

In order to create your own games, you will have to get one of the newer versions of RPG Maker, which are shareware. Which means that you get a trial period, but after that you need to pay in order to continue to use the program - and to unlock special features.

It's well worth it, though.

Review by: Tom Henrik
Rock on!
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