Eternal Daughter Eternal Daughter
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Intriguing story
Great music
Good real-time battle executio
Hard at the beginning

When the stakes seem hopeless and all hope is low, a chance arises to make a difference. That’s the situation Mia, a young slave has been born into, a world full of danger and no hope for this situation changing, that is until something happens to her and it all changes. In Eternal Daughter, you get an excellent platfomer/RPG type of game, full of action, plenty of learning of different abilities, a intriguing story as well, and some great music to top it all off, make this a very high quality made game.

In the game you play as Mia, a young slave girl who is under the oppression of the Dungaga, you must fight your way free of the Dungaga and defeat the evil that is ultimately controlling them, all the while trying to stay alive and avoid the many enemies along the way. All the controls are detailed for you in the game under the help section of the game when you first start up.

The first thing you will notice with the game is the style of the graphics are very akin to the console sort of games from the Snes particularly.  It looks really nice overall, and I think with the whole idea of what the game was trying to convey, it just fits really well. It’s a nice style full of colour and good looking environments too. The story also draws you into the game, at first it is pretty vague what your goal is, but as you advance further and further in the game, you will start to learn more about what is really going on in this world and how your character begins to learn about herself and realize that she is not just a normal girl, but much more than that.

The music also captures your attention as well. It is an original soundtrack which makes it even better and for this style of game it fits the action nicely, as you proceed from area to area. Also, the battle mechanics in the game are nicely executed. Since this combines both elements of the RPG genre and the platform genre, you will be fighting your battles in real-time, and all the action is done smoothly and with ease. You will also be learning new abilities and raising your life as you proceed and fight progressively harder enemies. You can also choose to tackle the game in different ways, thanks to the non-linearity of the world, so you do not have to proceed on one path, but you might have to at times thanks to the different enemies and their different difficulty levels.

The game is pretty hard to start at first, mainly getting used to the battling and the different enemies you have to face in game, but keep at it and you will get the hang of it soon enough, it just takes some time to get used to all the mechanics but soon enough you will be destroying enemies at ease and exploring the world.

Nevertheless, Eternal Daughter is an excellent game all around and highly recommend you check this one out, it has many positive elements going for it, so see it for yourself in action.

Review by: DeathDude

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