Nice presentation
Fairly good music
Interesting concept
Somewhat hard difficulty

There are those titles that stand apart from the pack, with sometimes quirky features or a unique concept that some would not think to develop an idea around. Well in this case we see it very clearly with the remake and update of an old gem that goes by the name of Equinox, in which guiding our little ball with good ol weapon fire for those long days. To help aid us in our mission, that's right a mission of utter importance.

Well in terms of an actual story, it is basic. In this underground complex area, there are some nuclear canisters, that apparently haven't been properly disposed of, got to love that even in the future they still haven't found a proper way to store nuclear canisters. Any ways in all seriousness, you must use the different items that you can pick up in game to help you find these canisters. Once you do find them, you can properly dispose of it in the chute that is in the level, which will allow you to find the level pass to move on. Sound easy enough right? Well keep in mind there is a time limit, so no lolly gagging around wasting time for you. Otherwise, everything goes boom!!

The concept of using your ball with your weapons to blast the debris and collect different items to get those nuclear canisters, was very unique and really is something you probably haven't seen or heard of. (Unless you played the original which doesn't count.) The game looks very nice overall, the presentation again looks great thanks to the developer and really looks very refined and orderly. It is easy to navigate through the different menus and the controls in game are easy to get used to and just jump in and start gaming away. The music as well in the game, is I'm guessing supposed to sound a bit futuristic so props that was accomplished, it's fairly decent the music and I didn't have problems with it. The countdown alarm that is used when your running out of time was pretty loud and when it repeats that was something I wished didn't happen, maybe just happen like 4 times then goes off, not repeat till infinity.

The game definitely has some challenge to it, before you can master the controls and start advancing through the different levels so some gamers may find this frustrating. As well as the time limit for each level is annoying for some that are not used to it, but keep in mind it is a remake so the original had it, so this one shall too.

I definitely enjoyed this game, with its unique ideas and execution, definitely worth to check out, it is called Equinox and worth while play. 

Review by: DeathDude

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