Bub's Brothers, The Bub's Brothers, The
Made by: Sebastian Wegner, Armin Rigo
Website: http://bub-n-bros.sourceforge.net/
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Internet play
Fire delay
Awkward controls

If you've played video games for at least ten years, the game "Bubble Bobble" needs no introduction.  Scores of gamers could probably tell you that they spent many a night in front of their TV playing this simple yet fun and addicting game that spawned a number of spin-offs, including Rainbow Islands and the Bust a Move series.  For those of you who somehow managed to grow up completely ignorant of Bubble Bobble, you're in for quite an experience.  If you are familiar with Bubble Bobble, skip the next paragraph.

In Bubble Bobble, two dragons named Bub and Bob travel through dungeons fighting monsters and collecting goodies.  Bub and Bob encase their enemies in bubbles that they spit.  When they burst the bubble, the enemy trapped within is defeated, and usually leaves behind fruit, gems, sundaes, or other items.  Some items give Bub or Bob special powers or attacks, and some even clear rooms.  Most, however, just give points.  The levels are fully displayed on the screen, and falling through holes in the bottom bring you to the top of the level.  The placement of walls and floors make up most of the challenge, as they effect how Bub, Bob, and their enemies move around.

This interpretation of Bubble Bobble, called Bub & Bob, was remade with polished graphics, new levels, new items, and new music.  Unfortunately, there are times when you'll play the same level over again with different combinations of enemies.  Another problem with Bub & Bob is the delay between bubbles, which may take some getting used to.  Some of the new items in Bub Bob do more harm than good, such as producing more monsters or making you jump uncontrollably.  Playing Bub & Bob with a keyboard is much more awkward than with a C64 or NES control pad.

Bub & Bob can be played on the internet with other people, but whether or not you actually play two player, you still need an internet connection.  Bub & Bob features two different modes of single player play: traditional mode with three lives, or unlimited lives with no score reset.  The latter mode takes much of the fun out of the game because there is no risk of getting a game over.

Updater's Note: The version offered here is not Bub & Bob, but a clone for windows called The Bub's Brothers. The original Bub & Bob can be found here: http://www.mcsebi.de/bb1.php. Be aware that it's for Macintosh only.


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