A Blurred Line A Blurred Line
Made by: Lysander86
Website: https://www.listoutdoor.com
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Different battle system
Interesting Sci-Fi storyline
Several allies and abilities
Somewhat tough beginning

watchesWith this game what we see is a really engaging story that starts off as a bit of a mystery. You are thrust into the story fairly quickly, in which your characters are not sure of what really is going on, and soon enough you discover a shocking revelation of what’s to come. In A Blurred Line, what you get is an excellent RPG in the style of the old Snes RPG’s with a fantastic story, a different type of battle system, great music as well and just a different sort of RPG that really brings you into the story and all the events that happen.

As the game begins, you take on the role of 3 members of a team that have been assigned to go investigate a disturbance at a space station, when they arrive they realize they do not have much time and eventually they confront the suspect, but that’s when it gets really interesting as the events unfold and soon you begin the game as the suspect who was in the space station. You start though some time before you actually get involved in this sort of mission of sorts.

replica watchesThis game is built with RPG Maker 2000 graphic tile sets; however the game is much different than the typical RPG Maker games, in that it takes the idea into Sci-Fi territory with much darker environments and just a different sort of look compared to the whole medieval sort of scenery you see in these type of games. The game, while still using the idea of random battles, has a different sort of battle and ability system. Each character that joins your party will also have a different battle set to use and this will change your strategy as the game goes on. With your main character though, you have an ability called an aura. Basically this allows your character to steal the abilities of your opponent and eventually, if you use the skill enough on a certain enemy, you will learn those abilities permanently.

The storyline of this game really draws you in from the start. The whole beginning of the game really captures your interest with what’s going on and soon as you take control of our hero, he gets involved in another situation of betrayal that changes the whole perspective once again. There are many twists and turns to see in the game and it really is interesting to see it be expressed with also many uses of flashbacks and cut scenes that bring it all together. Also, the music is very enjoyable to listen to, and all sound effects are present in the game when they need to be, it just fits nicely with what is going on; I did not find the music to be out of place in the areas that I explored. Best replica watches for men.

replica watches for menThe game really does not have much going against it. The game is a bit challenging in the beginning to understand especially with the ability system, as well with some of the enemies. However just take your time with the game and battle as much as you can and you will be fine.

Nevertheless, this is a great and different sort of RPG that really is fantastic all around, so I definitely recommend you check it out. Its called A Blurred Line, see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Language, blood
Safe for ages: 13+
Windows, RPG Maker 2000
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