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Actually makes you scared
Graphic violence

7 Days a Skeptic is the very good 2004 sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Like its predecessor, this is one of my favourite AGS and adventure games. Definitely worth a try.

Many centuries have passed since the DeFoe manor incident. It is now no more than folklore and forgotten stories. The human race 

is going "where no man has gone before", and the invention of warp technology is accelerating the spaceship program. Due to vehicle shortages, the Earth Federation instigates a new program that upgrades old and retired spacecraft. The Mephistophiles is the first to undergo this program. Crewed by a new compliment of 6 crewmen, the Mephistophiles is assigned to map out the Caracus galaxy. A few days into the voyage, the crew sight a metal locker with the name DeFoe on it. They open it to find nothing in it, or so they think...

Note: This game is even more gory than 5 Days a Stranger, so I would not recommend this game to anyone who had a problem with the violence in the previous title. Cheap replica watches for sale.




Yatzee has now released a Special Edition for this game, free of charge.  The Special Edition includes author commentary, original 'Birthday' easter egg, outtakes, in-game midi music, and early warning system for the chase scenes.  You can download it from the same page as the regular version. 



Review by: Fawfulhasfury

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