GREAT horror story
Atmospheric music
Some puzzles are too easy

5 Days a Stranger is a point-and-click adventure game that was made in 2003 by Fully Ramblomatic. This game was the first adventure game I ever played and is still one of my favorites.

Cat burglar Trilby got more than he bargained for when he broke into the DeFoe mansion. He has been locked inside with four other people by an invisible intelligence; one that will do anything to keep them there. Even murder...

Gameplay is fun and the puzzles can be somewhat difficult. This game was made with an adventure game scripting system called AGS. Definitely a game worth playing.

NOTE: The cutscenes in this game are VERY gory and bloody. So this game is not for the squeamish. You could always read the walkthrough before you play the game so you won't be surprised.

If you enjoyed 5 Days a Stranger, the sequel is also on the site here.




Yatzee has now released a Special Edition for this game, free of charge.  The Special Edition includes author commentary, a new 'interview' scene, 3 concept sketches, and all 4 music tracks in midi format.  You can download it from the same page as the regular version. 


Review by: Fawfulhasfury

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Contains high level of violence, and many disturbing scenes.
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