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Whereabouts: 3 Otters
Workers: N/A
Website: https://www.3-otters.com/collections/mil...
Each package contains 307 toy accessories and a bag.
Accessories include:3 PCS Trees, 4 PCS Sandbags, 6 PCS small tanks, 4 PCS Small planes, 2 PCS Grenades, 2 PCS Rockets, 5 PCS Flags, 5 PCS jeeps, 4 PCS Boxes of ammunition, 8 PCS Guns, 2 PCS Telescopes, 2 PCS Shovels, 2 PCS Daggers, 2 PCS Walkie-talkies, 2 PCS Signs, 2 PCS Fences, 1 PCS Oil drum, 2 PCS U, 1 PCS Bulletin board, 240 PCS Soldiers and 1 PCS Hand Bag
Excellent military toy set.
More than 21 accessories to meet your different needs.
Soldiers are small in size, don’t knead them.
The color is sandy, purplish red, army green, and 2 colors are randomly delivered.

At the weekend, have a world war with your children at home and let the children know the history of war in play.
During the play, children can simulate real wars, conduct military defenses, play real combat games, enhance organizational capabilities, and observation. Develop children's leadership and military command ability from an early age.
As a gift, it is definitely children's favorite.
In addition to children, it is also your childhood memory. Make an appointment with your childhood friends and recollect the carefree childhood together.

Americas Army Americas Army
Rating : [3.6]
Producers: U.S Army Military Toys
"Immerse yourself working as a team in the U.S army as you try to stop terrorists and others from creating havoc in America's Army"

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