Tomaz Kac personal photo Tomaz Kac
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Slovene
Whereabouts: Portorose, Slovenia
Social status: Unknown
Companies: Retrospec
Tomaz (nicknamed TomCat) spends his days idling at the sea-side resort of Portorose, laughing at the hairy Italians trying to convert their Euros to Lira. When not sunning it up, fake watches online
replica rolex GMT watches he spends a large amount of time browsing through seedy shops in the search for Yugoslavian Spectrum software, and has what must be the worlds biggest collection of ex-Yugoslavian software for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC and Amiga.

Head over Heels Head over Heels
Your rating: [3  (3404 votes)
Our rating: [4.9]
Producers: Tomaz Kac
"The original game recieved every award imaginable, and the remake follows in those quality-footprints"

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