Pekaro Software company logo
Established: 2001
Whereabouts: Germany
Workers: N/A
In 2001 Pedro and Karsten started developing XCurse to gather experience in DirectX programming. At the same time Turrican fan Karsten began writing T2002. Roy is a friend of Karsten and Karsten told him about XCurse and that they needed a graphic artist for this project. Since Roy has experience with POV-Ray, it was the obvious thing that he would do the graphics for XCurse and so he joined the team in fall 2001 replica rolex. Thus we were complete and gave us the name "Pekaro" which comes from our given names.

Turrican 2002 Turrican 2002
Rating : [4]
Producers: Pekaro Software
"Blast away the monsters, as you fight your way through the many challenges with your new suit, in Turrican 2002"

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